Saturday, August 13, 2005


August 13th, 1935

Jim "Mudcat" Grant Born

Jim Grant, a lefty who had a fourteen year, seven team career, is one of his self-proclaimed "Black Aces." By Grant's rather self-serving definition, the Black Aces are the twelve--to this point--African-American Major League pitchers who have won twenty games in a season. This is more trivia than anything else; the list is fairly disparate between some pretty good pitchers and some mediocre ones having good seasons. The good pitchers include the list's two Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Ferguson Jenkins (who was actually African-Canadian, but never mind), Grant himself, Vida Blue, and Doc Gooden. The more mediocre players include Mike Norris, Earl Wilson and Al Downing.

As I said, this is all largely trivia, but judging from Mudcat's site, he's quite proud of it. So if you ever meet the man, the whole list is below in case he quizzes you, and be sure to watch and see if Dontrelle Willis can add his name to the list this year.

The "Black Aces"

Vida Blue, Al Downing, Bob Gibson, Doc Gooden, Mudcat Grant, Fergie Jenkins, "Sad" Sam Jones, Don Newcombe, Mike Norris, J.R. Richard, Dave Stewart and Earl Wilson.

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