Wednesday, August 10, 2005


August 10th, 1964

Andy Stankiewicz Born

Andy Stankiewicz was a mediocre middle infielder for the early 90's Yankees' teams that I have just written about to death. He hung on the big leagues through 1998, his last gig coming with the Diamondbacks in their first season. The year in Arizona--he was the Diamondback's starting second baseman--probably came about because D-Backs' manager Buck Showalter remembered 'Stanky' from his Yankee days and brought him along as a good clubhouse guy or something like that.

After his retirement, Stankiewicz went into managing himself--maybe someday he'll have a mediocre middle infielder to keep around as a good luck charm at the big league level--and is currently the manager of the Staten Island Yankees. However, he doesn't seem that thrilled about it.

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