Friday, July 29, 2005


July 29th, 2000

Brewers Host "Bob Wickman Poster Night"

On its face, this seems like a perfectly reasonable promotion. While Bob is not much to look at--his posters probably didn't replace very many of Orlando Bloom or his 2000 equivalent--he had been one of Milwaukee's better players since he arrived in a trade in mid-1996. As the Brewers' closer the previous year Wickman had racked up thirty-seven saves with a 3.39 ERA. Earlier in the 2000 season, he had been the Brew Crew's lone All-Star representative, pitching a scoreless inning at Turner Field. Moreover, Wickman would continue to help the Brewers even with his departure, as part of a trade that netted them Richie Sexson, who would hit more than forty home-runs in two of his three seasons in the land of Beer and Brats.

However, it was Wickman's departure, even with the haul the Indians got, that made Bob Wickman Poster Night a bit of an odd promotion. The reason for this was that the posters being disturbed of their erstwhile All-Star and closer were now of their ex-closer as Wickman had been dealt the previous night. Brewers' fans then--all 21,762 of them--had the double indignity of not only watching their team get absolutely creamed by the Rockies 10-2, but also of collecting a poster of their arguably best pitcher, who was no longer with the team.

On the plus side, at least the game didn't feature a Brewers' save situation.

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