Wednesday, July 27, 2005


July 27th, 1952

Bump Wills Born

Elliott Taylor (Alias: "Bump") Wills was the son of Maury Wills, which represents exactly a quarter of the interesting facts I managed to turn up about Bump. The rest, in no particular order:

  1. When Bump--as a Texas Ranger--faced the Seattle Mariner team managed by his father it was the first time a father and son had faced each other as manager/player. Felipe/Moises Alou and Buddy/David Bell have since done it as well.
  2. On August 27th, 1977 Wills hit an inside-the-park HR aganist the Yankees. The batter immediately before him, Toby Harrah had also hit an inside-the-park HR on the previous pitch from Ken Clay. This was the first time since 1946 such an event had occurred.
  3. Bump’s career stolen base percentage was ever-so-slightly higher than his father’s, 75% to 73.8%, albeit in just over two hundred fifty attempts to his father's nearly eight-hundred

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