Monday, July 25, 2005


July 25th, 1975

Biff Pocoroba Born

Biff Pocoroba holds the dual distinctions of being not just the only "Biff" in Major League Baseball to have made an All-Star team--he went for the Braves in 1978--but also the only man to have played baseball history to have actually been named Biff. The other four Biff's (none of whom played after 1932 suggesting the Biff name has fallen out of style, Back to the Future notwithstanding) were all merely nicknamed Biff's, whereas Mr. Pocoroba was actually born as one: Biff Benedict Pocoroba.

As the All-Star appearance suggests, Pocoroba was a pretty decent player, although his career was derailed by rotator cuff surgery which both ended his career as a catcher (he had once thrown out eleven straight base runners in Spring Training) and forced him to give up switch-hitting and become strictly a righty hitter. His career ended with a whimper in 1984, but Pocoroba still has the honor of being the best player (excluding those active) to have spent his entire career with the Atlanta Braves.

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