Tuesday, July 19, 2005


July 19th, 1993

Raul Mondesi Debuts

Apropos of nothing--which come to think of it, could be the motto for this blog some days--I went to this Orioles/Yankees game and sat in the right field bleachers, from where I could see Raul Mondesi man his post. Prior to the bottom of the ninth inning, Mondesi was warming up his arm with reliever Mike Stanton (filling in for a ball boy on this duty) and ended his long tosses with the ball in his hand. He turned towards the bleachers and briefly scanned them, before spotting an attractive young woman wearing a tank top. Mondesi pointed to her and threw her the ball. Before she could catch it, it was intercepted by a young man, her boyfriend I assume. After the inning's first pitch, he shouted for Mondesi's attention, and when Mondesi turned around, the boyfriend threw the ball back to the outfielder.

Mondesi caught the ball and regarded the boyfriend, but decided upon further reflection to simply toss the ball to a little kid in the bleachers, and all parties received a mock cheer from the rest of the bleacher crowd.

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