Monday, July 18, 2005


July 18th, 1956

Razor Shines Born

That's his real name, Anthony Razor Shines. Shines was a pretty decent minor league hitter with more than seven hundred RBIs and a hundred homers. He never shined (sorry, sorry) in the Majors however, hitting just .185 in four separate cups of coffee with the Expos as he was shifted around the infield in an attempt to find him a position since his natural one--catcher--was blocked by Gary Carter. He was briefly moved to first base, including an Opening Day start, but was turned away there by the emergence of another Expos' prospect: Andres Galarraga. Shines hung around in the minors into the early nineties but would never play in the Majors after 1987. The dual highlights of his career would be an inning pitched in a blowout in 1985 and a single to break-up a Dennis Eckersley no-hitter. After a few years out of baseball Shines returned to game as a coach; he managed in the low minors for a few years and this year is managing in Birmingham, the Double-A level of the Chicago White Sox.

As to the name, Shines explains "Razor’s a family name. My grandfather was a Razor. He gave that name to my father and he gave it to me. My son’s middle name is Razor." So there's your explanation, somewhere along the line someone decided it would be a good idea if the family name was, in fact, a word. The mysteries of life.

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