Sunday, June 05, 2005


June 5th, 2003

Tony Clark Changes Number

Yesterday I stated that promotions like "Beat Eddie Lopat Night" wouldn't happen anymore, and, by extention I fear, that baseball has lost some of the lightheartedness that made it such a great game. That's not true, of course, as today's event demonstrates. Clark, coming off a terrible, terrible season with the Red Sox (.207/.265/.291 in nearly 300 at-bats) signed with the Mets and selected double zero as his uniform number, because he wanted to represent that he was "starting over" and "beginning anew" and so on.

This was fine until someone realized that double zero was already someone's number on the Mets. Not a player, manager or even a coach, but someone who is arguably the franchise's biggest name--and certainly its biggest head--Mr. Met. Clark stuck with the number for the season's early months but when a group of children presented with a petetion asking he restore Mr. Met's number to him (I don't recall what Mr. Met wore in the interim, a blank jersey perhaps) Clark decided that even though he had the smaller head, he should be the bigger man, and Mr. Met was double zero again, while Tony upgraded to number fifty-two.

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