Tuesday, June 28, 2005


June 28th, 2004

David Bell hits for Cycle

Hitting for the cycle is a nice accomplishment, although not an exceptional one. It does usually mean your team won--I have no idea how to discover this but it would be interesting to see how often someone has hit for the cycle in a losing effort--but people don't exactly send their bat from that day to Cooperstown. (Unless there's some huge "Cycle Bats" section at in the Hall of Fame; I don't know, I've never been.) Bell's cycle did indeed come in a victory, a Phillies’ 14-6 triumph over the Expos at lovely Citizens Bank Park as part of a 4-for-4, 6 RBI, 2 run evening.

As I said before however, cycles aren't terribly notable, so why did I devote a day to this one? Because many, many years prior to David Bell's cycle, his grandfather, Gus Bell hit one for the 1951 Pirates. This means that Gus and David Bell hold the obscure record of being the only grandfather and grandson to have each hit a cycle. Now, there are of course only a few three generation ballplaying families (in fact, the only two I can think of are the Boones and Bells) making it a record more notable for its obscurity than its accomplishment. But then, we know how I love those.

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