Wednesday, June 01, 2005


June 1st, 1988

Steve Foster Drafted

One of the things I sometimes wonder is how one becomes a Major League General Manager. I know on an intellectual level, you join a baseball team at some low level and work your way up, but even if you dropped me in a team at an entry-level position on the chain, I wouldn't have much of an idea how one really makes it up the ladder.

That being said, I do have some vauge notions. One hint is provided to me by a Steve Foster baseball card I have. On the back, in lieu of information about Steve or his family or his career, it informs us that "Steve was signed by scout Chuck LaMar." That is, I assume, the same Chuck LaMar who was later promoted to the position of General Manager of the Devil Rays. Now, Foster didn't last long as a pitcher--I don't know why; he pitched effectively in relief in all three of his MLB seaons--but I suppose he still shows us one step on the ladder to the GM's office, signing players who reach the Major League level.

Of course, if I'm following the steps that Chuck "Career .399 Winning Percentage*" LaMar took to the top, I may be in some trouble once I get there.

*That's through the 2004 season, but the D-Rays are playing .358 ball at the moment. So I don't think I'm being unfairly snarky.

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