Sunday, June 19, 2005


June 19th, 1897

Wee Willie Keeler Gets Hit

Wee Willie Keeler--all 5'4", 140 pounds of him--recorded a hit today, running his consecutive hitting streak to forty-four. The hitting streak came during the best year of Keller's career, he would hit .424, one hundred and twenty-six points higher than the National League batting average that year--the equivilant of a batter hitting .389 in the NL last season. Keeler's place in baseball history is slightly exaggerated by the era in which he played--the league batting average for his career was .281--and for the over prominence placed on batting average. In some ways he vaguely reminds me of Ichiro! who draws a hefty percentage of his value from batting average but doesn't walk or hit for much power.

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