Saturday, June 18, 2005


June 18th, 1975

Felix Heredia Born

Felix Heredia is one of my least favorite players of all-time. He earned this dubious distinction with his performance for the 2004 Yankees, a season in which his numbers--6.28 ERA, more than a baserunner and a half per inning pitched--don't even sum up his terribleness. Heredia had forty-seven appearances and in nearly a quarter of them he failed to record even one out. He was so frustrating a fellow Yankee fan dubbed him "The Run Fairy" a nickname which has been getting some play (scroll down to the Mets) in the media of late.

Speaking of Yankees who have earned my ire with the ineptitude of their play, we have recent addition Tony Womack. Womack was already on thin ice with me for his game-tying double in Game Seven of the 2001 World Series but he really brought my rage upon him with his performance this year. For one thing, it’s his performance, .244/.283/.271, proving as always that no matter how fast you are, you can't steal first base. For another it’s the fact that people seem surprised Womack isn't hitting. Just yesterday during the broadcast Michael Kay remarked that "a low batting average and low on base percentage is not what Tony Womack expected"; nor was it what anyone else expected. Why they would have expected anything different I have no idea, since Womack, with the exception of 2004, has always had a low batting average and low on-base percentage. Tony has also started grumbling about his move to the outfield, which fills me with hope that his grumbling will finally lead to his ticket out of town.

Another one of my least favorite players, as you may have gathered, is Carl Everett, who might be the only baseball player I actively dislike in an "I wouldn't mind seeing this guy get hit by a bus" kind of way. There's the child abuse, the constant violence, the homophobia and of course, the dinosaur thing. (Which reminds me someone found this site the other day by searching on Google for "paleontologist Carl Everett," which boggles the mind.)

Michael Restovich earned a place in where you store people you hate (what's the opposite of a heart?) on Thursday night when his Yankee Stadium home run off Randy Johnson not only ruined the shutout but also fouled up my scorebook for reasons too complicated to explain. So, I want it placed here that not only did Michael Restovich ruin my scoreboard and necessitate the use of White-Out on
June 16th, 2005, but also that he was a generally mediocre outfielder not good enough to hang on with a Minnesota Twins team that had noted superstar Michael Ryan as one of their back-up OFs. So take that Restovich, you dink HR hitting, scorecard screwing up little jerk.

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