Friday, June 10, 2005


June 10th, 2002

Marcus Thames Hits Home Run

As I was cruising my usual collection of web sites, books, databases and so on to find out what would be today's entry, I realized that seemingly every event that struck my fancy was something I had already touched on, one way or the other. The titiular home run, for example, I discussed back in March for Marcus' birthday. Something else interesting today was in 1997, when Kevin Brown became the third pitcher to have only a hit batsman seperate him from a perfect game. Brown, who I also wrote about in March, missed his perfect game when he hit Marvin Bernard with a pitch on a 1-2 count. Bernard, you may remember, was a Giants' role player and sometime starter for many years, who enjoyed the comforts of PacBell Park for the last portion of his career, but when he broke up Brown's perfecto was playing in cold, unpleasant Candlestick Park.

Another thing, today in 1956 is the birthday of Randy Johnson, no, not that Randy Johnson, this one however, also played for Joe Torre as his career as a utility infielder corresponded exactly with Torre's three years in Atlanta. Oh, and one last thing, today is the day Babe Ruth hit his home-run which moved him past not-so-noted slugger Roger Connor into first place on the all-time list. All things considered, quite a day.

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