Monday, May 09, 2005


May 9th, 1970

Ducky Yount Dies

Given that, as I think I've said before, an entry and the day prior constitutes a theme here tAtDiBH; let's continue on with our "players with bird nicknames" theme. Today we come to Ducky Yount. Yount was a fairly unremarkable player; he pitched just over forty innings for the Baltimore Terrapins of the Federal League in 1914 with an equally unremarkable ERA+ of 81. He is one seven players known primarily as "Ducky" and although none are especially notable, Joe Medwick, for whom Ducky shared a place with Muscles as a nickname (I wonder which he preferred) is in the Hall of Fame. Medwick earned the nickname, according to the Hall of Fame, for "his waddling gait." He was a pretty good hitter (.324/.362/.505, OPS+ 134) and the 1937 MVP and Triple Crown winner for good measure.

Be sure to continue to stop by as we go through BirdWeek with "Chicken" Hawks, Doug, Frank, George and Red Bird, Birdie Tebbetts and of course, Mark Fidrych, not to mention a link to Goose Gossage! (Just kidding.)

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