Tuesday, May 24, 2005


May 24th, 1973

Bartolo Colon Born

In the department of, "Oh, how things change" Colon is listed on his BaseballReference.com page as being 6', 185 pounds. That was, I suppose, the numbers put out by the Cleveland Indians in Colon's rookie season, 1997. It was also probably a reasonable bit of data at the time. For the 2005 season, ESPN.com lists Colon as 5'11", 250 pounds. As anyone who has seen Colon pitch (or even just looked at his face) can tell you, the new measurements are probably closer to accurate.

But I'm not just here to point out that Bartolo Colon has added some weight over the course of nearly a decade (not that I didn't enjoy that) but also to point out the oddity of
Colon's 2000 campaign. On June 27th of that year, Colon was traded to the Expos from the Indians in exchange for Lee Stevens and some prospects. Prior to the trade, Colon was 10-4 for the Indians. He had pitched one hundred sixteen and a third innings and had four complete games, including two shutouts. In his innings, he had struck out seventy-five batters. Colon pitched the rest of the season in Montreal. He threw a total of one hundred seventeen innings, and went 10-4. He recorded four complete games, although with just one shutout. And in his innings, he struck out seventy-four batters.

This is all apropos of nothing--I try to limit those kinds of columns to one a month but it's awfully hard--in part because it's just random and in part because while Colon was having an all-time great season ERA-wise in Cleveland (2.55, more than 75% better than league average), in Montreal he returned closer to career norms (3.31, around 25% better than league average). That aside, the record, IP, complete games, shutouts and Ks do make for an interesting visual on
Colon's line.

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