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May 19th, 1996

John Berardino Dies

There are lots of baseball players who appear in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), but they appear nearly entirely as themselves, in cameo appearances in movies and TV shows or in season and playoff summary movies. John Berardino however, is one of the few to have had a respectable Major League career and then moved onto a respectable career as an actor. Berardino played as a regular for the St. Louis Browns for a few years in the 30s and 40s and after serving during the Second World War returned to the Majors in 1946 and had one more year as a regular. He then bounced around serving as a utility infielder, hailed as the "One Man Infield" based on his versatility and competency around the diamond.

After his career, Berardino dropped one of the R's from his name, became John Beradino and started his acting career. He appeared uncredited in North by Northwest but his greatest acting fame came from a greater than thirty year stretch as Dr. Steve Hardy on
General Hospital. Beradino was a member of the original cast and played the role through until his death in 1996. I was never much of a soap guy but I imagine that Beradino is significantly more famous for his thirty three years at Port Charles than he was for his time on the diamond.

It is interesting that John Berardino probably spent most of his youth working to become a Major League ballplayer. Despite the years of work, it was as John Beradino the actor instead of John Berardino the ballplayer that he found the most success. I guess you never know where success will come from.

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