Friday, April 29, 2005


April 29th, 1975

Josh Booty Born

Josh Booty was the Marlins' first round pick in the 1994 draft, the fifth pick over all. Booty was famously a bust, and like another would-be third baseman, Drew Henson, Booty retreated to his better sport, football and is currently on the roster of the Cleveland Browns. The 1994 draft is notable in that it is basically the worst draft of the 90s. The top pick was Paul Wilson, a member of the Mets "Generation K" who is now a member of the Reds' rotation after having his arm shredded by Dallas Green, and has constantly posted an ERA about ten percent worse than league average. The second pick was Oakland's Ben Grieve, who won the Rookie of the Year--and went to the All-Star team--in 1998 but never posted an OPS+ of better than 120 after that and is now struggling to stay in the Majors. Grieve's All-Star appearance is notable as it was the only one from the entire top ten picks that year. That's slightly unfair as there are two pretty decent players, Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek in the top fifteen, but to have a draft with just one All-Star appearance in its top ten is shockingly bad. For the sake of contrast, the top ten of the 1993 Draft has eight All-Star appearances (all admittedly by Alex Rodriguez) and the 1995 Draft has nine All-Star showings (spread among four players) in its top ten. I guess this just goes to show 1994 was a terrible year for baseball all-around.

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