Wednesday, April 27, 2005


April 27th, 1967

John McGraw Dies

No, not that John McGraw, he died in 1934 and would have been ninety-four if he were still alive in 1967. This John McGraw pitched in one game, just two innings for the Brooklyn Tip-Tops of the Federal League in 1914. The Tip-Tops interestingly enough, were managed by Bill Bradley, again, no not that Bill Bradley, this Bill Bradley managed the Cleveland Naps (Indians) for forty-one games in 1905 going 20-21 in addition to a fourteen year career spent mostly as a third baseman.

Also interestingly enough, April 27th is the birthday of Brian Giles, but no, not that Brian Giles. This Brian Giles played for the Mets, Brewers, White Sox and Mariners in the early 80s, putting up a career .228/.298/.309 line. Furthermore--and I'm only reaching a little here--April 27th represented one of the few appearances of Bernie Williams, no, not that Bernie Williams in the 1974 season, when he served as a pinch runner for Willie McCovey in the eighth inning of a Padres-Phillies game.

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