Sunday, April 24, 2005


April 24th, 1962

Casey Stengel Fined

Casey Stengel in his first season as the Mets' manager was fined $500 by Commissioner Ford Frick for appearing in a beer ad. That's about $3,000 in modern dollars, and although a relatively small sum for someone of Stengel's stature (Casey was doubtless not counting pennies) strikes me as relatively unfair. For one thing, if Stengel was attempting to promote the new Mets franchise, appearing in advertisement, even those not for the team, was a good thing. For another, if anyone ever could ever be to said to be endorsing a product they use, it was Casey Stengel. The man was managing the 1962 Mets for God's sake! Who could need a beer more than that? Before their game on April 24th, the Mets were 1-9, having just won their first game the day before after a 0-9 start. Seems to me that the celebration from win number one for a franchise also deserves a beer. So Casey was managing a terrible team (worthy of a beer) and had just won the team's first game of the season, which was also their first game ever (also worthy of a beer). Since Casey was obviously enjoying a few drinks, he might as well have been getting paid for it. Should’ve given Casey a break there, Commish.

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