Friday, April 15, 2005


April 15th, 1968

Billy Brewer Born

Sometimes I think the people who run Major League Baseball teams have absolutely zero sense of humor. Billy Brewer (who was born William Robert Brewer, meaning he could've been Billy Bobby Brewer) had a mediocre seven year, four team career but never took the field in a single game for the Milwaukee Brewers. I mean, I know Billy wasn't much of a pitcher (career: 11-11, 4.79 ERA) but I mean, if the man was good enough to get a win for a team that would go on to win the World Series (the 1996 Yankees), you're telling me they couldn't have found room for him on the collection of mediocre Phil Garner managed Brewer teams that correspond almost exactly with Billy Brewer's career? No sense of humor at all.

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