Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31st, 1916

Brooklyn Introduces New Uniforms

I will spare you all another Best/Worst uniform rundown, but I could not let this date pass without pointing out the uniform innovation that came to pass. On this date, the Brooklyn Robins, as they were then known, decided that their previous uniforms, white with blue pinstripes at home, white with red (!) pinstripes on the road, were insufficiently unique and launched their new ones. They featured a checkerboard pattern not seen, so far as I know, before or since. Unattractive though the uniforms were, the Robins had success, winning their first pennant since 1900 before falling to the Red Sox 4-1 in the World Series. The next year the checkerboard stayed on the road uniform but was replaced with pinstripes on the home uniform. Furthermore that season, presumably in honor of the First World War, the olde English 'B' on the home uniform was replaced by an American flag.

The Robins finally came to their senses and the checkerboard was gone by 1918, replaced with more traditional pinstripes, and putting patchwork players back where they belong, in the realm of nightmares.

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