Tuesday, March 22, 2005

March 22nd, 1993

Steve Olin Dies

Like Darryl Kile, Ray Chapman and a few others, Olin is remembered best for the tragic circumstances surrounding his death than anything having to do with his career. And like Kile, Chapman and others, Olin deserves better. When he was killed (along with Tim Crews) in a boating accident during spring training 1993, Olin was coming into his second year as Cleveland’s closer. He had recorded 29 saves and put up a very fine 2.34 ERA the previous year and signed a two-year contract with the Indians in the off-season. It is hard to project relief pitchers, closers especially, but it is very reasonable to say that if he had gone on what turned out to be just another boat trip, we would all remember Steve Olin, not Jose Mesa, as the closer on the Indians run of late 90s playoff teams and maybe even that if Steve Olin had been on the mound in Florida for Game Seven we would all remember the 1997 Indians as World Series winners.

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