Monday, March 21, 2005

March 21st, 1944

Manny Sanguillen Born

Manny Sanguillen was a catcher for the Pirates during the 70s, and was the first man to play right field after the death of his close friend Roberto Clemente, although the move proved unsuccessful and Sanguillen was moved back behind the plate. The most interesting incident of Sanguillen's career however, came on November 5th, 1976 when he was traded to the A's for Chuck Tanner along with a reported one-hundred thousand dollars. What makes this more than an ordinary trade was that at the time Tanner was a forty-six year old man who had not played in the Major Leagues since 1962. The Pirates were happy with the trade however, as they were acquiring Tanner for his skills managing players rather than being one himself. Tanner had managed Oakland to an 87-74 (.540) record the season before and Pittsburgh thought Tanner was the man to replace Danny Murtaugh (who had been hired over candidate Don Hoak).

The trade worked out well for
Pittsburgh as Tanner led the team to an average of ninety-four victories his first three seasons with the team and a World Series victory in the 1979 World Series. Sanguillen for his part played just one season in Oakland before being returned to the Pirates in an April 1978 trade and was therefore able to play under the manager he had been traded for and further ensure his place in trivia history: Manny Sanguillen, the man traded for a manager.

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