Sunday, February 06, 2005


February 6th, 1895

Babe Ruth Born

You've probably heard of Ruth, who had some success as a pitcher with the Red Sox and later put up some good numbers at the dish with the Yankees. Trying to find something new to write about Babe Ruth is a little like trying to come up with an original metaphor to describe something that borders on the impossible. I can at least provide a bit of trivia that is, if not original, at least fairly recent.

For many years, Ruth was of course, the last man to win a World Series with both the Red Sox (in 1918) and the Yankees (in 1932). However,
Boston's improbable comeback against the Yankees and their sweep of St. Louis did more than just lift the "Curse of the Bambino" it crowned a new trivia answer: Ramiro Mendoza. Mendoza is now the most recent man to win a title with both teams: the Yankees (in 2000) and the Sox (in 2004). And what did Boston do with their trivia king? Why let him go of course and watched him be snapped up by the Yankees.

Mr. Shaughnessy, I think its time to start work on a new book.

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