Wednesday, January 05, 2005

January 5th, 1975

Don Wilson Dies

Don Wilson's death is a subject of some controversy, he was found dead in his garage having suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. General belief is that Wilson committed suicide, although there are still some who believe it was an accident. Either way, Wilson joined the ranks of those whose death also ended their career. Wilson's debut season was 1967, although he finished just 10-9 was an excellent one. Wilson lead the team in ERA, 2.79 and was one of only two Astro starters with a winning record. In just his twelfth career start, Wilson shut out the Atlanta Braves. Although he struggled on the whole in 1968 and 1969, Wilson still managed individual game success, striking out 18 Cincinnati Reds in a 1968 and pitching his second career no hitter in 1969, again against the Reds. Wilson also receives a favorable treatment in Ball Four, depicted by Jim Bouton as a both a fierce competitor and possessor of a good sense of humor.

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