Saturday, January 22, 2005

January 22th, 1992

Bill Bean Released By Angels

That's not Billy Beane, who is now the A's GM, although you could be forgiven for mixing them up. Bill Bean ended his career with a line of .226/.266/.308 over the course of 478 at-bats, while Billy Beane ended his career with a line .219/.246/.296 over the course of 301 at-bats. Had each of their lives ended the same day as their playing career, the best hope for immorality would have been being selected to be the picture next to Fifth Outfielder if that term ever made it to the OED. Instead, both are now recognizable in the baseball world, and outside of it. Billy Beane's sucess as general manager of the OaklandA's is well-known and chronicled in Michael Lewis' Moneyball. Three years after his retirement, Bill Bean came out and wrote a book of his own, Going the Other Way: Lessons from a Life in and Out of Major League Baseball. I imagine that neither Bill or Billy had as their life goal to be famous for anything besides playing baseball. It does go to show however, that success can often be found where one least expects it.

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