Wednesday, January 19, 2005

January 19th, 1900

Marty Bergen Dies

You could also make a movie out of the life of Marty Bergen, but it would lack the uplifting sprit of The Rookie. Bergen was a catcher for the Boston Beaneaters (the franchise that would become, after much movement, the Atlanta Braves) in the 1890s. In the 1899 Bergen suffered from various fits, at one point leaving the team claiming cruel treatment from his manager and fellow players. He also suffered what some believed to be a career ending hip injury. Furthermore, in October of 1899, family members began to express concern that Bergen was going insane. (One of family was surely brother Bill Bergen, who played from 1901-11 and is probably the worst hitter of any long-tenured Major Leaguer.)

On the morning of January 19th, their fears were horrifyingly confirmed.
Bergen's father entered the house and saw the bodies of Bergen's wife and his two children, ages six and a half and three. All were dead from multiple blows from an axe, which lay near the bodies. Upon further examination, Bergen's body was found in an adjoining room. Bergen had slit his throat with razor, doing so with such force that he nearly decapitated himself. The police ruled the incident a murder-suicide, with the common knowledge that something had gone terribly wrong in Bergen's brain and caused him to murder his family.

January 19th, 1964

Jim Morris Born

Wow! Drafted in the early 80s, out of baseball for years then makes a remarkable comeback inspired by the play of the high school baseball team he coaches. You could make a movie out of a story like that!

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